There are 2 systems of Chinese characters: simplified and tranditional. The simplified characters are used in mainland China, Malaysia and Singapore. While the traditional ones are used in Hongkong, Taiwan and Macau.

According to your needs, I use both of them.

Technical translation

I have both electronics and telecommunication diplomas, I am specialized in : electronics, electricity, telecommunication, computer science, software engineering and mechanics. I use standard terminologies in each domain, so the translations are professional and can be understand by all specialists.

Some examples: manuals, documentations, specifications, training courses etc.


To adapt your websites, softwares or games to another country, the localization is not just translate the words into another language, it is also about to adapt the right target culture.

My localization works include translation and adaptation of all user interfaces and all documentations (installation manual, help text, etc.). The result will be full Chinese culture compliant.

Business documents

I translate all kinds of documents: brochure, business plan, email, letter, flyer etc.


My creativity and my good understanding of the Chinese society/market make me succeed in the translation.

And many others…

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